Central Library of Geography and Environmental Protection


Internet catalogue

It embraces all of the items/materials that have been acquired since 1998, including academic textbooks and publications of the Institute of Geography and Spatial Organization PAS. Also other items are successively catalogued. It contains more than 1200 journal titles. In addition, atlases and loose-sheet maps are catalogued. This Internet catalogue is available, too, via Polish NUKAT and KaRo catalogues. In the catalogue, the encoding of Cyrillic and Greek script is used, in the same way as in the NUKAT catalogue.

Digital card catalogues

Their contents and structures are correspondent to traditional paper-card catalogues of the Library. They were created by transforming them into the picture form. In the digitized catalogues there is a built-in option for ordering the Library items.

Paper-card catalogues

Traditional paper-card catalogues are available on the premises of the Library. These catalogues are still a necessary tool that assist Users in searching through that part of older literature, which has not yet been covered by the Internet catalogue.