Msc. Dorota Gazicka-Wójtowicz
Head of Library and Publishing Branch
Central Library of Geography and Environmental Protection
Office 329
Phone +48 226978829


  • 1978-1982 – Master degree studies: Warsaw University, Faculty of Geography and Regional Studies (master’s thesis entitled Evaluation of skills in explaining phenomena taking place in lithosphere on the basis of research among eighth-graders in the elementary school.
  • 1991-1993 – postgraduate studies in the field of scientific libraries: Warsaw University, Field of History at the Institute of Library Science and Information

Professional career

  • since 1987 – fulfilling the duties of the head of the Laboratory of Bibliography of Polish Geography
  • since 1991 -  head of the Library

Research interests

The beginnings of the professional career were closely related to the work as a bibliographer and as a result this time contributed to development of the concept of computerization of bibliographical compilation, and finally to making the paper version of the IGiPZ PAN publication entitled “Bibliography of Polish Geography” available to the general public via the Internet database, specially developed to this end.

 Further interest in library automation translated into computerization of a number of library processes going on in the IGiPZ PAN Library as well as in libraries grouped around “ an Agreement of Scientific Institutions of Polish Academy of Sciences. Currently, the online catalogue of the Library is one of many forming NUKAT - a general catalogue of scientific libraries across Poland

A significant achievement was made by Dorota Gazicka-Wójtowicz together with  M.Sc. Grażyna Dudzicka and Irena Grzybowska, when instruction “MARC 21 format of bibliographic record for cartographic document was developed, which made it possible to provide information about this kind of records in the NUKAT (catalogue of resources of Polish scientific libraries). Till the development of that instruction, there had been no Polish regulations concerning cataloguing of cartographic documents.

Our present challenge lies in digitizing the scientific publication output of the Institute of Geography and Spatial Organization PAS (IGiPZ PAN), as well as the wealth of literature culture that is in the possession of the IGiPZ PAN Library and also of the 16 other library scientific institutes within the framework of RCIN project.

Positions held and membership

  • since 1995 – member of the Council of an „Agreement of Scientific Institutions of Polish Academy of Sciences”
  • since 2010 – vice-President of the Executive Board of the Consortium for Digital Repository of Scientific Institutions
  • since 2013 – vice-President, since 2018 President of the Executive Board of the  NUKAT
  • Other important research projects


    Other activities

    Resarch training programmes

    • 1992 – The University of Leeds in the UK – organization of work in academic and departmental library,
    • 1993 – Robert Bosh Foundation – German scientific libraries, including issues relating to storage of wealth of cultural heritage, as well as computerization of acquisition of items/materials and of free access to library collections.

    Consultant of the Coordination Center for development of catalogue systems of Polish scientific libraries NUKAT

    Editorial commitments

    • since 1997 – vice Editor in Chief for the Editorial  Board of “Bibliografia Geografii Polskiej” (Bibliography of Polish Geography)
    • member of the Editorial Board for the 6th volume of “Centralny Katalog Zbiorów Kartograficzny w Polsce” (Central Catalogue of Cartographic Resources in Poland).

    Teaching/Didactic activity

    • workshops in the field of methodology for searching for literature in the computerized library catalogue systems and databases, including Polish central catalogue systems and digital libraries, among others, organized for IGiPZ PAN PhD students, as well as for the students of the Warsaw University.