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Eugeniusz Romer - the one who outlined Poland

He is called "the one who outlined Poland", "the father of Polish cartography" and even "the father of Polish geopolitical thought".
When Poland was blank on the maps of Europe, he published a fundamental work, not only from the scientific point of view, but also for the confirmation of our future statehood, entitled "Geographical and Statistical Atlas of Poland" (1916) in three languages.
This seemingly modest publication, consisting of 32 pages of discussion and 70 maps describing Poles and the lands they inhabited in historical, cultural, ethnic, and economic aspects, was sent by E. Romer to numerous countries around the world, including America. He convinced the President of the United States and many key world politicians with his graphically well-constructed, simple, clear and factual maps that Poland and Poles exist, and that it is worth re-establishing their rightful place on the map of Europe and the world.
Two years after the publication, this work became essential for Polish politicians in the diplomatic struggle for the borders and territorial formation of the Polish state during the Paris Peace Conference (1919) which ended the First World War.
Commemorating today the 150th birthday anniversary of an outstanding Pole, Professor Eugeniusz Romer, we present a map from his priceless "Atlas". We would also like to inform you that a digitized part of his scientific and editorial heritage is available at the Digital Repository of Scientific Institutes  website (rcin.org.pl). Unfortunately, due to the current state of the law, these can only be used on workstations in the Institute's Library and within library services.

Map from the "Geograficzno-statystyczny atlas Polski = Geographical and Statistical Atlas of Poland", edited and compiled by Eugeniusz Romer with the participation of numerous co-workers, Warsaw and Cracow, Gebethner and Wolf, Freytag and Berndt Cartographic Company, 1916.

Mapa z atlasu Geograficzno-statystyczny atlas Polski, Redagowany i opracowany przez Eugeniusza Romera ze współudziałem licznych współpracowników, Warszawa i Kraków, Skład Główny u Gebethnera i Wolfa, Zakład kartograficzny Freytag i Berndt, 1916.
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