Central Library of Geography and Environmental Protection


On the premises of the Library and the Institute of Geography and Spatial Organization PAS Readers can get access to databases that contain full-text foreign publications, bought on the basis of the national license by the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education, making these materials accessible through the Virtual Science Library at ICM.

The digital libraries and digital repositories are viable alternative to commercial full-text databases. They contain printed publications in a digital format and other documents that are made accessible in electronic version. There, Readers can get access to items/materials included into public domain (i.e., 70 years passed since the death of their author), as well as to the publications, whose authors have given their written permission to publish their works on the Internet.

It needs to be remembered that at present only a fraction of printed publications is available on the Internet in a full-text form. That is why bibliographic databases that contain information, inter alia, about the content of journals, monographs, books, non-serial publications, conference proceedings are worth taking advantage of, otherwise they ought to be searched for in the traditional paper catalogues on the premises of libraries.

If a given item cannot be found in the Library catalogue, it is advised to use the generally accessible in Poland NUKAT, KARO catalogues or the world’s resources of WorldCat. It is possible also to order the library items/materials in other Polish and foreign libraries – we can assist in bringing them in.