Central Library of Geography and Environmental Protection

Main informations

  • The users of the Library must carry valid identification card to be shown to staff on request, to get a free access to items/materials on the premises in the Library reading room.
  • Every interested person can obtain his/her Library card (open his/her Library account) and borrow materials to be read at home after paying a returnable security deposit/fee of 50 PLN for one Polish item. The fee for non-Polish items is determined individually depending on the value of a given Library item.
  • The orders can be submitted directly through online catalogue (only individuals that have the Library accounts), by phone or sending e-mail to the following address: geoglib@twarda.pan.pl, or personally on the site in the Library.
  • Basically, the orders are carried out immediately.
  • The users of the Library have a Xerox at their disposal.
  • If necessary it is possible to scan fragments of the items taken on loan or to take digital photographs.
  • In the Reading Room following materials are available:
    - a selection of current foreign and Polish journals,
    - current titles published by the major Polish scientific centers in the field of geography,
    - a selection of academic textbooks in the field of geography, tourism, environment protection
     and cartography,
    - dictionaries, geographical and general encyclopedic works,
    - statistical publications,
    - a selection of publication concerning Poland.
  • In the Cartography Section following items/materials are available among others:
    - a set of essential reference books dealing with a broadly conceived geographical matter, and also with thematically nationally organized data,
    - Polish tourist, road, topographical and thematic maps (including: geological, soil, environmental, hydrological ones),
    - Polish and foreign maps of different parts of the world and states.
  • The Library collections, included into the National Library Resources, can be accessed only on the site in the reading room between 9.00 AM and 3.00 PM.
  • Antique materials/items are made accessible only for the science-research purposes after earlier arrangement with the Library staff.