Central Library of Geography and Environmental Protection

Library of Geography and Environmental Protection
is the main Polish library devoted to geography, environmental protection and cartography. (more ...)


The library is closed until further notice

attentionWe will inform about any changes. If necessary send e-mail to geoglib@twarda.pan.pl or call +48 6978941
Feel free to use the full texts posted in our repository rcin.org.pl/igipz

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Open Access in RCIN


You can read, watch, download and use them without logging in.

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New version of the RCIN website

RCIN search pageWe hereby present the new version of the RCIN website, modernized as a part of the project entitled Open Resources in Digital Repository of Scientific Institutes. The portal gained a modern layout and new search options. At the same time, we would like to inform you that the current version is not the final one and further improvements will be introduced gradually.

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